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"The Moment My Mom Died Was One of the Most Beautiful Moments of My Life."

Crystal Gamet’s stay-at-home mother raised her alone in rural Pennsylvania. Crystal remembers a childhood spent in the shadow of AIDS—and how her mother’s powerful love helped Crystal manage her mother’s illness and death on her own.


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Growing Up Positive

Paige Rawl realizes the purpose of the medication she’s been taking her entire life—and finally meets her estranged father—in an excerpt from her acclaimed memoir, Positive.

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The 225th Bastille Day, Almost

Growing up, Stefan Cooke felt at odds with his hard-drinking father, an unapologetic, sexually liberal Canadian historian. Then Cooke finally got to see the full scope of his father’s life—a period that would sustain him when the elder Cooke succumbed to AIDS.

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Actual Cause of Death

Lisa McCormack-Moon’s father was a successful adman, husband and father of two when he was diagnosed with HIV. But he couldn’t admit to being gay until he was on his deathbed. Lisa recalls her father’s difficulty coming out—and how it affected her own sexual identity.


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