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The Photos

Twenty years after finding pictures that held the answer to her father’s mysterious past, Sade Taft embarked on a journey to reconnect with his family.

Living with Cookie

Max Mueller, the only child of downtown New York’s cult icon Cookie Mueller, remembers their bohemian life in the West Village—and his mother’s last days.  

Love and Mercy

“Could there ever have been a time when I knew nothing about my father’s hidden life? A time before I knew we were like each other, sharing this infrared reality with other men in darkened parks?"

Meine Tochter

Elizabeth Riley Blake was used to keeping her father's sexual identity a secret. But was there any truth to her mother's mysterious claim that Elizabeth's father might not be as healthy as he seemed?

After a Death, a Radicalization

When New York grad student Alexis Danzig lost her father to AIDS in 1988, the 26-year-old dropped out of school and immediately joined the frontlines of ACT UP. This interview is provided by StoryCorps.

How to Share Space

Surveying the distance, and intimacy, between an out butch lesbian daughter and her closeted effeminate gay father. This interview is provided by StoryCorps.

The Ryan White Story, and Mine

In the early 1980s, Canada’s entire blood supply was contaminated with HIV-tainted blood. Melanie Brooks didn't understand what that might mean for her family—until the night she watched a now-infamous made-for-TV movie.

“He Taught Me Not to Judge”

A pro baseball player struggling with personal demons, a family changed by Magic Johnson, and a daughter who overcame the shame of her father’s death: Candice Wiggins, guard for the WNBA’s New York Liberty, on her father, Alan Wiggins.

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